I haven’t lived in Louisiana in years. But this past August 2019 my family and I pack up our house into a POD, sold our house, and moved back to Louisiana. When I lived in Japan, getting boiled crawfish… well that wasn’t happening. In Memphis, it was hard to find GOOD crawfish, but I did find a food truck that had really good crawfish. So fast forward, it’s good to have crawfish available on nearly every corner. I have been trying out lots of new places making up for all the years I’ve gone without having good spicy boiled crawfish. That lead me to The Crawfish Spot located on Pinhook Rd. 

What’s on the table…

I ordered 3 pounds of crawfish spicy and 1/2 pound shrimp with 2 crab clusters combo. It was so good and spicy. The spicy level was on point! There has only been one other place so far in my crawfish adventures that is not shy on the seasoning. I’m talking nose running, clear your sinus spicy. 

3 pounds of boiled crawfish, half pound shrimp, 2 crab clusters, corn and potatoes.

3 lbs crawfish, 2 snow crab clusters

Was it good?? Worth another visit??

Yes and yes! I’ve already gone a second time with my sister. Love that I can drive up and not have to get out the car. 

  • Taste 100% 100%
  • Customer Service 100% 100%
Review of the Crawfish Spot